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Shebah Drops

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During these necessary periods of isolation, Shebah endeavours to support local communities by introducing a new contactless service that allows riders to continue to receive necessary goods and items, whilst also providing an opportunity for drivers to maintain an income; Shebah Drops.


What is Shebah Drops?


Shebah Drops is an additional service within the Shebah app that allows riders to receive goods from local businesses, delivered by Shebah drivers straight at their doorstep. By using Shebah Drops you can help support businesses in your local area, help women who drive for Shebah maintain an income, and still receive whatever you need in a contactless, convenient way for a flat rate of $11.66. 


Please note, Shebah Drops works best when used within a 10km radius.


5 Simple Steps to use Shebah Drops:


  1. Create accounts with your local shops. 

  2. Call, order and pre-pay for items. 

  3. Open Shebah app, set pick-up location as the shop and drop-off location as your house. 

  4. Make sure the ‘Drops’ button in the app is highlighted in GREEN and then enter delivery details for the driver in the box provided.

  5. You will receive a confirmation text and image when your items are dropped at your door. 

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