All About Shebah


At Shebah, our purpose is simple: 

To help create a safer world for women and their children.

This is why we do what we do.

Shebah is Australia’s leading all-women rideshare service, providing safe transport and economic freedom to women across the country.

Established in 2017 by Founder George McEncroe, Shebah aims to bridge the gap in transport inequality, an obstacle preventing women from reaching their full potential.

Shebah not only allows women to travel with confidence, but provides an opportunity for women to generate their own income on their schedule.

Here at Shebah we want women to focus on where they need to go, without apprehension of how they're going to get there.



Shebah's principles

The safety of women and their children is the primary objective of Shebah. We endeavour to provide the safest platform possible for our riders and drivers.

We recognise that economic empowerment is paramount to the independence and well-being of women. Shebah drivers keep 85% of the fare so they can generate a real income.

Shebah is transparent and honest; we will always be open about what happens in our community.

Diversity is celebrated at Shebah, we welcome people from all cultures and demographics.



The Shebah team

Meet the Shebah team! An experienced group with diverse qualifications and experience, striving to make Shebah the best rideshare platform possible. 

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 Sarra Stewart  - Chief Executive Officer

Sarra is an experienced executive with a background in overseeing general operations, accounts, and support teams in growth and development environments. She is passionate about community and business issues for women.


 Kely Miranda  - Compliance Manager 

Kely is a qualified overseas lawyer with a specialisation in Commercial Law. She has expertise in managing legal processes for public and private organisations. She advocates for vulnerable groups; such as women, children and people with disabilities.

 Tashi Graeme-Baker  - Head of Support & Onboarding

Tashi brings extensive customer relations experience working within the communication and media industry over the last 15 years. She enjoys problem solving and being part of Shebah’s growing passenger and driver community.


 Alison McMorland  - Head of Driver Training

Alison has over 25 years experience in corporate training and employee development roles. She thrives on being curious and has a love of learning, especially when it comes to assisting our newest Shebah drivers to feel confident and empowered when they first get behind the wheel.

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 Jan Jaso  - Chief Technology Officer

Jan has more than 10 years experience working in the Technology sector, specialising in software, cloud architecture and management. Throughout his career he has built and led teams, complex web solutions, games and over 10 apps. With his initiative and professional experience, Jan aims to use his technical expertise to drive Shebah forward.



Shebah's Founder & CEO

George McEncroe began her career in media and comedy, but has transcended into a fierce business leader, entrepreneur and mobility innovator.

George was looking for flexible work to meet her needs as a single mother of 4 children. She considered Uber driving but felt uneasy about her safety, and recognised that a lot of women avoided the rideshare industry for similar reasons.

Like many mothers, she felt anxious about the wellbeing of her teenage daughter Bridgette travelling in Ubers late at night. 

It was for these reasons and more that Shebah was born.

Ultimately George is driven by her determination to help women live a safe and confident life. The purpose of Shebah is to achieve this shared vision.

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