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Shebah Community Protection Policy

We are here for our communities, transporting women and children Australia-wide through the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak.


It is no longer to wear a mask whilst traveling or driving a Shebah, however we do recommend it in the interest of community safety. 

Update to government guidelines

January 2023

Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) information relevant to commercial passenger vehicles can be found here:

The complete Victoria guidelines can be found here.

For more information visit the CPVV COVID-19 page here.

Information for NSW can be found here.

Information for Queensland can be found here.

Information for ACT can be found here.

Information for South Australia can be found here.

Information for Western Australia can be found here.

Information for Northern Territory can be found here.

Information for Tasmania can be found here.

Committed to our communities

Shebah's response

In the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, Shebah is taking a number of precautionary measures to prevent further spread of the virus and to ensure our passengers and drivers feel safe travelling with the Shebah service.


During this time, Shebah will continue to operate safe transportation services for women, children and families. As always, the safety and welfare of everyone in our community, both passengers and drivers is our priority. 


As such, our drivers are committed to continuing the service but we are all exercising precautions as advised by the Australian Government Health Department and World Health Organisation (WHO) to minimise the spread of Coronavirus in Australia.

Supporting those in need

How we can help

With our Shebah Drops feature, those affected by Coronavirus and are self-isolating are able to gain contactless access to necessary supplies.


Simply select the ‘drop’ button in the app and enter the details of your delivery and your items will be delivered straight to your front door. From your favourite food to your groceries, Shebah’s got you covered.


Important information for Drivers

Advice & instructions

All Shebah drivers must now follow and confirm a Daily Vehicle Cleaning Checklist, which will appear within the driver app. This will ensure a clean and safe service and compliance with the Government’s Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles. If a driver does not confirm, they will be unable to operate the driver app.

​Important information for Riders

How you can stay safe

Riders who are ‘exposed’, returning from travel or displaying COVID-19 symptoms:

Wherever possible; unwell, ‘exposed’ riders or those returning from international travel, should use a personal mode of transport to minimise exposure to others. If a passenger does require a commercial passenger vehicle to travel to a location of isolation, they must adhere to the following whilst travelling in a Shebah:

  • Where possible, sit in the back seat of the vehicle

  • Wash hands or apply hand sanitiser before entering the vehicle

  • Open windows, where possible

  • Wear a surgical mask, if available

  • We ask riders to manage their own luggage into/out of vehicles

If a driver believes a passenger has not taken the above precautions, they may refuse or terminate the trip. 


As always, we encourage you to stay at a distance of 1.5m away from passengers at all times.

Important general information for our communities

What we can all do

  • Where possible, riders will be required to sit in the back seat to increase physical distancing. 

  • While travelling, drivers and riders are required to practice good hygiene by washing hands properly and frequently and by coughing/sneezing into disposable tissues or your elbow instead of into your hands. 

  • Riders and drivers are encouraged to avoid contact with others if unwell.

  • Passengers are also encouraged to avoid shaking hands with people and allow an appropriate distance between themselves and anyone with flu-like symptoms. 

  • Passengers who experience flu-like symptoms or feel unwell are also encouraged to contact their medical practitioner for advice.

  • Passengers flying from an overseas trip and using a Shebah should wear a surgical mask, if available.

We are working with the Australian Government Department of Health and the relevant transport authorities in each state and territory to keep our community of riders and drivers up to date with the latest advice and to respond rapidly as the situation changes.


For more information on public transport and ridesharing: CLICK HERE

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