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Shebah is a unique rideshare company, existing to empower women through transportation; all of our drivers are women, and all of our riders are women and children. Shebah facilitates a safe environment for all its users, giving them reassurance when travelling.

At Shebah we understand how much you value your employees and we aim to give you peace of mind by ensuring they are transported safely at any time of day.

What is Shebah for Workplaces?


Shebah for Workplaces is our business facing platform that allows your organisation to book a Shebah rideshare service for the women within your employee and client community.

With the ability to track all expenditure in a flexible system without surprises you will be able to provide transportation safely and efficiently to those who need it.


Shebah's Values:


  • At Shebah our riders and drivers commit to keeping each other safe.

  • We believe our community of riders and drivers can connect, network and form friendships that are built around personal safety.

  • We strive to create economic empowerment for our women drivers. We strive to help those in the Shebah community to experience financial stability and independence.

  • We are always transparent about what is happening in our community.

  • We believe in diversity and encourage our community to embrace and celebrate difference.

  • We strive to do what is in the best interest of our stakeholders.

We have a number of policies regarding travelling with Shebah which you will be required to follow when using Shebah for your Workplace. For more information about these policies please see our terms & conditions

We hope this is the start of a great relationship, one that brings you great conversations and a sense of purpose.

Shebah's Supporters:

Shebah now has the support of Safe Transport Australia Inc (STA) a charity, registered with the Charities Commission and the ATO and Ryde Safe
International Pty Ltd (Rydesafe) a company that brings vast experience in technology and business along with a passion for safety. 

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