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Australia’s leading

all-women rideshare

Our mission is to deliver a safe transport option to women and children on a platform that is profitable to women drivers.

Carbon Offset

This year, on International Women's Day, Shebah announced our partnership with Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM). From September 1st, all Shebah riders will have the option to opt-in to our Carbon Offset program. Together with TEM, the money per trip will go towards incredible programs, both locally and internationally, that help improve the environment and offset emissions in many ways. 

How to book a Shebah

Step One

Download the Shebah app from the Google Play Store or App store and create an account

Drivers Wanted

Shebah is always looking for new drivers to join our 'Army Of Aunties' and help transport women and children safely around Australia. 

Interested in becoming a driver? Start your application today - it's easy!

Our drivers are incredible women with incredible stories - click below to hear some of their experiences. 

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Safer Together

Safer Together is a celebration of the experiences of many of the women who ride and drive with Shebah. Our fabulous fleet of drivers is growing every day as more and more Australian women choose Shebah for safe, flexible work.