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As Australia’s first and only all women rideshare service, getting women and children where they need to go safely is our top priority. Our fleet of drivers strive to create an environment where passengers always feel safe and comfortable, whilst our riders also look out for the safety of our drivers. Keeping each other safe is the unwritten contract in our community.

Safer Together is a celebration of the experiences of many of the women who ride and drive with Shebah. Our fabulous fleet of drivers is growing every day as more and more Australian women choose Shebah for safe, flexible work. And many women and families are also choosing Shebah as their safe and reliable transport option.

Shebah. Safer Together.


Calypso, Student and Shebah Rider

Like many Australian students, Calypso likes to get out and about with friends. She talks about how her Shebah drivers always ensure she gets in the door safely.

Christy, Mum of 2 and Shebah Rider

Like many Australian families, Christy and her husband are both busy with work. She describes how Shebah helps solve their family transport needs by taking their daughter Mackenzie to and from ballet while they are at work.


Shannon, Mum of 1 and Shebah Driver

Shannon tells her story about how she came to drive for Shebah, her earnings and love for her job.

Tania, Professional Photographer and Shebah Rider

Tania is a professional photographer who often works late. She talks about why Shebah is the only option for her to ensure she gets home from jobs safely.


New rider introductory offer

For a limited time, all new Shebah riders will receive a FREE child seat extra, worth $11. Simply download the Shebah app, create a new account and follow the prompts, when you book your first trip, to redeem your $11 DISCOUNT.

For terms of offer see below.

Child Seat Coupon Terms Of Offer:

These terms co-exist with the app Terms & Conditions. In the case of inconsistency, the app Terms & Conditions prevail. This offer is valid for new riders who register between 12:00AM AEST on 23 September 2019 through 11:59PM AEST on 4 December 2019. The offer is applied automatically to the first ride, which includes a child seat. The discount is $11, which is the full rider cost of one child seat. The offer cannot be redeemed for cash, cannot be transferred to another rider or used for a specific trip that is not the first, and cannot be transferred to another account holder. This offer applies only to valid completed trips made through the app. Apple inc. and Google are not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

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