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Welcome to Shebah

This Shebah Driver Contract (“Contract”) is between Shebah Pty Ltd ACN 612 227 951 (“Shebah” or “we”) and the independent contractor (“you”) as a driver who wishes to receive passenger referral, payment facilitation and related services from Shebah.


       Services provided by Shebah

  1. ​Once made an active as a Shebah driver, we provide you with access to the Shebah Driver App (the “app”). The app is a mobile phone software application and supporting platform which enables passengers to identify nearby Shebah drivers on a map and request a Shebah driver to provide transport services to them; and enables drivers to accept such passenger requests.

  2. Shebah also provides you with payment facilitation, driver support and administrative services as described in this Contract and made available on the app from time to time. These, together with the app itself, are referred to as the Driver Services.

  3. The transport service that Shebah organises for you to provide to passengers is referred to as the Passenger Service.

    Your status as a Shebah driver


  4. You are an independent contractor, not an employee or agent of Shebah. Shebah does not control the times or the number of hours you work, or which passengers to accept. You provide the Passenger Service to passengers using your own vehicle, which you operate at your own expense.

  5. Shebah does not provide you with, nor make any financial contribution towards, employment benefits such as a salary, guaranteed work, paid or unpaid leave, superannuation, or workers’ compensation or any other type of insurance. We also do not provide any contribution towards the purchase, maintenance or support of any vehicle, any licences or registrations you require, or any other equipment. You need to make your own arrangements for all these matters.

    Important information about how this Contract works


  6. You may only become a Shebah driver if you are a woman, and you accept the conditions set out in this Contract. Shebah’s priority policy, which you agree to by becoming a driver, is to only allow the Passenger Service to be offered to passengers who are women, female children, boys aged 18 years or younger (unaccompanied up to 5pm, 12 years and under no restriction),  and adult males accompanied with children who require car seats.

  7. Shebah’s Driver Service is designed to give you a high degree of control over the way in which, and the times at which, you want to provide the Passenger Service. The main purposes of this Contract are to set out clear terms describing the Driver Service and how payments are made, to ensure compliance with applicable laws, and to promote a good service experience for drivers and passengers using Shebah.

  8. Upon your electronic acceptance of this Contract via the app, you will be legally bound by this Contract. We may change the terms of this Contract from time to time by updating it on our website, and/or notifying you via the app. Your continued use of the app after amendment constitutes your acceptance of the Contract.

  9. You are under no obligation to continue as a Shebah driver for any length of time. You may terminate this Contract and cease to be a Shebah driver with immediate effect by notifying us.

  10. If you breach any provision of this Contract, including any and all Shebah Policies/Protocols which will be communicated to you which are for the safety of both drivers and passengers and sustainability of the Shebah Business, we may suspend or terminate this Contract and your access to the app with immediate effect by notifying you over the app or by any other means. Before we exercise the right to terminate or suspend you, we will endeavor to notify you of the reason, and give you an opportunity to respond.

  11. The requirements to become and remain a Shebah driver are set out on the Shebah website. Your legal requirements for becoming and remaining a rideshare driver can be accessed by contacting your state/territory rideshare authority. These requirements form part of this Contract and cover Driver Registration, Vehicle Registration, and Driver Conduct.



  12. You pay Shebah the charges described in this Contract and the app (“Shebah Charges”), for the provision of the Driver Service by us to you. Passengers pay a fare (“Fare”) into a Shebah account each time you provide them with a Passenger Service.

  13. We deduct the Shebah Charges and other deductions from the Fare, and pay the remaining part of the Fare to your nominated bank account as your Fees. We may from time to time offer you, through the app, additional Fees based on referrals, vouchers and incentive schemes, subject to conditions, breach of which constitutes a breach of this Contract.

  14. Taking payment for Shebah trip in cash is a breach of this Contract and the law. It is unlawful for you to take cash payment for a Passenger Service. If Shebah is aware that this occurred you will be disengaged from Shebah.

  15. The Shebah Charges may include individual or periodic job access fees, commissions, payment processing fees and/or account management fees. We may update the Shebah Charges via the app on 14 days’ notice.

  16. Other deductions we may make from the Fees paid to you are:

    a)  The amount of a refund we have provided or intend to provide to any of your passengers, with or without your agreement, where a passenger raises a dispute about the Passenger Service you provided and we reasonably believe a refund is warranted in the circumstances;
    b)  An amount as shown in the app which we may deduct for poor service or breach of this Contract, such as for failing to collect a passenger where you have accepted an advance booking, or failing to confirm to Shebah that you are on time to collect an advance booking;
    c)  An amount equal to any amount by which we previously overpaid you, either in error or in connection with a Passenger Service that you were paid for but which involved a breach of this Contract by you;
    d)  Any taxes, surcharges or levies we are required or permitted by law to deduct; and
    e)  Any third party fees, costs or expenses we incur in processing the Fare, in connection with card schemes, online payment providers such as Stripe, or other financial institutions.

  17. You appoint us as your payment collection agent solely in relation to Fares for Passenger Services. For the purpose of a Passenger Service you agree that:

    a)  The payment of the Fare by a passenger to us, in our capacity as your limited payment collection agent, shall be considered the same as a payment by the passenger of amounts payable to you; and
    b)  We will on your behalf issue a tax invoice to passengers in respect of the Passenger Services provided by you within 2 business days.

  18. We aim to pay you the Fees within 5 business days. We may withhold or delay payments to you in situations where:

    a)  We reasonably believe the passenger did not authorise a Passenger Service or we are otherwise investigating it for any reason;
    b)  We reasonably believe that any of your transactions may be in breach of this Contract, or fraudulent or involve criminal activity; or
    c)  A transaction requires validation with a card issuer or other third party.

  19. You agree to cooperate with us and provide supportive information in the event of:

    a)  A dispute over a Passenger Service or any transaction;
    b)  An audit by a card issuer or other third party of your or our activities; or
    c)  An audit or other compliance activity carried out by us or our professional advisers in relation to any aspect of Shebah’s business activities; or
    d)  Any investigation of your or our activities by a duly authorised government agency under applicable laws.

    General Conditions of this Contract


  20. Intellectual Property - for the duration of this Contract, we grant you a royalty-free, non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to use the app and materials solely for the purpose of using the Driver Service and providing Passenger Services in accordance with this Contract. The licence is personal and you have no right to transfer or sub-license it. We do not grant you any rights in relation to our copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights in the app or any of our materials.

  21. Confidential Information – we and you each agree to use each other’s confidential information only for the purposes for which it is provided, which include exercising rights and carrying out obligations under this Contract, and in our case, operating the app and Shebah business in accordance with good business practice. We further agree not to disclose each other’s confidential information to a third party except for such purposes, or if required by law. Confidential information includes information about each of your and our business plans and structures, and information about the app, a Driver Service, a Passenger Service or passengers.

  22. Privacy – Shebah takes the privacy of passengers and drivers very seriously. We commit to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and with the Shebah Privacy Policy available on our website and in the app. Purposes for which we collect and may use and disclose your Personal Information include registering and managing your account and use of the app, providing you with the Driver Service, providing passengers with the Passenger Service, exercising rights and carrying out obligations under this Contract, and operating the app and Shebah business in accordance with good business practice. See our full privacy policy on the Shebah website or in the app.

  23. Consumer guarantees – we provide the Driver Service subject to consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).  Nothing in this Contract affects your statutory rights. We make no express warranties beyond these consumer guarantees.
    To the extent permitted by law, our total liability for any loss or damage that you suffer or incur from using the Driver Service is limited to us re-supplying the Driver Service to you or refunding the Shebah Charges you have paid us for the Driver Services to which your claim relates.

  24. Disclaimers about the Driver Service – the Driver Service we provide to you is only a passenger referral and payment facilitation service. You agree that:

    a)  We do not endorse or verify the identity of any passenger or other user of the Driver Service;
    b)  We do not perform any background checks on passengers;
    c)  You and we both endorse, and aim to implement, our policy that we will provide the use of the app, and you will provide Passenger Services, only to passengers who are women, female children, and male children aged 12 years or younger, but we cannot guarantee that all passengers will comply with this policy, and it is your responsibility to enforce this policy on your own behalf;
    d)  We make no representations that your use of the Driver Service will result in a request for a Passenger Service;
    e)  Any arrangements made for the provision of Passenger Services are between you and the relevant passenger only;
    f)  We are not a party to any arrangements between you and any passenger except in our limited capacity as your payment collection agent; and
    g)  We are not responsible for a passenger’s behaviour, actions or inactions.

  25. No warranty - We do not warrant or provide any guarantees in relation to the use of the Driver Service, the reliability of information provided to you through the app, nor the availability or functionality of the app. The app and Driver Service are subject to human error and misuse, technical limitations, delays and other problems which are inherent in the use of internet and electronic communications. We accept no responsibility for any loss which you may suffer as a result of such problems.

  26. No liability - You agree that we are not liable for: delay or inability to provide the Driver Service due to events beyond our control; the operation and maintenance of your vehicle; the actions or inactions of passengers or other drivers; consequential loss caused by our breach of this Contract that does not arise in the natural and ordinary course of events; or any loss of yours which exceeds $2,000.

  27. You indemnify us – during and after the term of this Contract, you are liable for and agree to indemnify us against all claims, liabilities, penalties, suits and actions, resulting directly or indirectly from any information that you have provided to us which is inaccurate, misleading or incomplete; your breach of any applicable laws and regulations; your breach of this Contract; or a misuse of the Driver Service by you.

  28. Disputes with Shebah – during and after the term of this Contract, you and we each agree to act reasonably and professionally in resolving any disputes, including by use of any dispute resolution mechanism we make available from time to time; and that neither you nor we will make any disparaging comments about the other on social media or any public forum. 

  29. Disputes with Drivers or Passengers - during and after the term of this Contract, you agree to act reasonably and professionally in resolving any disputes; and that you will not make any disparaging comments about the other on social media or any public forum. You acknowledge that Shebah is not responsible nor has an obligation to resolve disputes between Drivers, however will endeavour to resolve disputes between Drivers and Passengers. Any breach of this provision may require your disengagement with Shebah. 

  30. Communications to Drivers - from time to time Shebah will communicate news and updates to you via the email connected to your driver account. This Contract requires that you are automatically added to these communications. These are for your safety and knowledge, and as such there is no opt-out. 

  31. Entire Contract - this Contract including documents incorporated by reference forms the entire Contract between you and us and supersedes any prior Contract, understanding or arrangement between you and us, whether oral or in writing.

  32. Assignment – this Contract is personal to you. You may not transfer your rights or obligations under it to anyone else. However, we may transfer our rights or obligations or sub-contract our obligations to another legal entity.

  33. Severance– if any provision of this Contract, or any aspect of the Driver Service or the Passenger Service is found by a court or reasonably believed by us to infringe an applicable law or be unenforceable, the offending provision is severed or deemed to be amended to the extent required to avoid the infringement or make it enforceable, and the remainder of the Contract remains in force but is deemed to be amended to the extent required to accommodate the change.

  34. Governing law – This Contract is governed by the laws of Victoria and each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts operating in Victoria.

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