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Driving women's safety forward

 International Women's Day 2021

This International Women’s Day, we call on Australians to focus on the official theme of International Women’s Day, as decided by the United Nations: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”. 


While there is plenty on this theme to celebrate (like being female founded and helping hundreds of Australian women secure safe and flexible employment in a male dominated field), we urge our community not to lose sight of the important work we still have to do to forge a gender-equal Australia. 


We shouldn’t have to make conversations about our struggles more palatable. The origins of this day are about advancing equality for women in the workplace (and everywhere) - and in a world where 9 in 10 Australian women have experienced street harassment and have had to modify their behaviour as a result, we can’t say we’re there yet. 


Since our conception four years ago we’ve been a challenger organisation. Our mission is to provide a safe and flexible work arrangement for women, especially those who take on the burden of unpaid labour in the family dynamic and need their income to fit around that. Our very existence challenges social norms which have left worrying about safety as a default for many women.

To help our community converse this International Women’s Day, we’ll be sharing facts and resources to remind Australia that while there is still an urgent need for companies like us to exist, it’s important to have the tough conversations and continue the fight for equality. 


Stay tuned on our social pages this week for stats, stories and conversation starters.

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A playlist to sing in the car this International Women's Day - for the ladies (language warning for the babies), brought to you by Shebah Rideshare. 

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