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HERE maps

Shebah is partnering with HERE maps

Shebah has now integrated HERE maps into our apps to improve the Shebah experience for both our riders and drivers! HERE maps is an amazing way for Shebah users to remain safer during their trip with heaps of amazing new features.

Here is some of what HERE maps is bringing to the Shebah app:

  • The ability to have navigation within the Shebah app so you can get from A to B safer and easier.

  • A built in speed tracker that alerts you if you are speeding - keeping fines down and safety up!

  • Multiple language options so all drivers feel safe and comfortable.

  • So much more!!!

​Get excited about all the amazing new features HERE maps will be able to bring!

Drivers, please see the instructional video below on how​ to adjust your settings once you have downloaded.

Ladies, let’s drive.

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