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How do I book a ride for my child/ren?

Our drivers must receive instructions from parent or legal guardian to drive the little ones.
The account holder (an adult) can make the booking on behalf of their child and be
available and in contact with the driver.

If your child has a smart phone, you can share your account with them by downloading the app on their phone and using your login.

In both these scenarios, you can watch on your app as the ride takes place.

You can also make Advance Bookings of course, and choose your preferred driver! And the rule still stands:
The driver can only take instructions from a parent or guardian, and they must have direct access to the account holder.

Do I need to book a child seat?

If your child is under eight years old, yes – absolutely! Although it’s not a legal requirement in all states and territories, if you’re riding with Shebah, you need to book that booster.

We have baby seats or boosters available to book through the app, prior to scheduling your trip. Right now, you can only book one of each. If you require more than one baby seat, or more than one booster, head over to our Shebah Special Bookings group and connect with drivers directly.

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