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About us

At Shebah, our purpose is simple: 

We believe the world should feel safer for women and their children.

This is why we do everything we do.

Shebah is Australia’s first and only all-women rideshare service, getting women and children where they need to go, Australia wide. Shebah first launched on International Women’s Day 2017.  Since then, we’ve grown to have a fleet of over 1000 incredible women driving with us and we’re growing more and more everyday, as many women across Australia are turning to Shebah for safe and convenient transport. 

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Catching a ride with Shebah means sitting in the front seat of the car without feeling vulnerable, being able to advance book a ride so you can breathe easier, knowing that your little ones are in safe hands when you can’t drop them off (because let’s face it, many of our kids have a crazier schedule than we do...) and so much more! Our passengers trust us to get them from A to B safely, no longer having to dread the end of the night and worrying about how to get home safe. We drive women from all walks of life, from school-aged boys and girls, to young women having fun with their friends, to accomplished female professionals to elderly women. 


For our drivers, Shebah means the freedom of flexibility, whilst feeling safe about who they pick up and drop off, allowing them to experience financial freedom with 85% of every fare. Here at Shebah, we are all about supporting women however we can, giving them access to an economic opportunity. 


We exist so that women in Australia can live their lives to the fullest and feel empowered. Shebah is a company for women driven by women. 

Ladies, let’s roll.

At Shebah, our values and principles are shared

Our riders and drivers commit to keeping each other safe

We believe our community is somewhere riders and drivers can connect, network and form friendships that are built around personal safety.

We are transparent, honest and will always be open about what happens in our community - the good and bad.

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We believe in diversity and encourage our community to embrace and celebrate difference.

We are fair and always strive to do what is right for all those in our community and others. 

We strive to create economic empowerment for our drivers and to help those in the Shebah community to experience financial stability and independence.

Giving Back

We also value the importance of giving back - working with female charities to further support community mindedness and encouraging the empowerment of women.

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Currently, we are working with Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault who help... lorem ipsum Nam vulputate malesuada felis eu pellentesque. Nulla facilisi. Sed eget sapien congue, ullamcorper augue viverra, cursus justo. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Etiam tempor diam et eros elementum, in placerat eros consequat. Suspendisse non tristique metus. Morbi ut eleifend augue.


Meet George, our Founder/CEO

George McEncroe began her career in media and comedy, but has transcended into becoming a fierce business leader, entrepreneur and mobility innovator. Following on from a busy career in her award-winning Melbourne International Comedy Festival show or collecting testimonies for the War Crimes Tribunal, as well as being a mum of 4, she has become the CEO of Shebah. What a life!

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George started Shebah - the all women rideshare in late 2016. As a single mother of 4 kids, George was looking for a more flexible working option to meet her family’s needs. She considered Uber driving but felt uneasy about her safety.  She also recognised that there was a lack of women working in the rideshare industry. Like many mothers, she felt a sense of unease about the safety of her teenage daughter Bridgette, who at the time was starting to go out more with friends.  It was at this point that Shebah was born. Following a review of the market, George could see there was a gap in servicing the transport needs of women and families. 

Ultimately however, George is driven by her determination that we women should live freely in a world and be safe. The purpose of Shebah is all about us working towards this shared vision. We believe women and children should live in a world that feels safer, no matter where they are. 


“The travelling Queen of Shebah visited King Solomen and challenged him on his teachings.  Shebah was the original disruptor, she was a strong single mother, was outspoken and strong. She is everything that women in the Shebah community represent”  George McEncroe, CEO

Our Team

Meet the Shebah HQ dream team. Customer Service multi-taskers, Techy solution kings, Marketing Gurus and many others that wear multiple hats because errr, well they have too. It’s a start up after all. 

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We work super collaboratively, we move quickly to create new solutions to make the world safer for women and we have a blast doing it. We all love what we do because no other business is doing it. We’re defining the all women rideshare industry, alongside with an amazing Army of Aunties that drive for us. They are the real legends, delivering the safest experience that we take so seriously at Shebah. Now let’s meet some of our team. Start with the CEO, she’s one hell of a lady.

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