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How do I book a ride with Shebah?

To ride in a Shebah, you need to download the Shebah Rider App and enter your personal and credit card details. You can access the Shebah App through the App Store (iOS) or through Google Play (Android).

It’s a legal requirement that rideshare drivers only take payment for trips through software (the app) – so no card or cash exchanges are allowed.

The great thing is, through the App you will be able to see all your previous trips including how much it cost! You’ll also receive transactions receipts and a tax invoice for every trip you take with Shebah.

Can I book a Shebah in advance?

Yes! You can book a trip up to 30 days before the scheduled pick-up time, and a minimum of 1.5 hours ahead.

Once you’ve downloaded the Shebah passenger app and entered your pick-up and destination points, you’ll see the option to schedule later or request now. There is a $2 booking fee for advance bookings.

Advance booking requests go out to drivers in real time when you request a trip, so to increase your chances of an accepted trip, we recommend requesting advanced bookings between the hours of 7am and 10pm when more drivers are awake!
You are also able to Advanced Book Shebah Drop trips within the app. Just make sure the ‘drop’ button is highlighted in green instead of the ‘ride’ button.

For a more detailed guide to advance booking, take a look at this video:

How do I cancel a trip?

For advance bookings, touch the girl emoticon at the bottom right screen of your app. From here, click “Upcoming Trips” and touch the trip you wish to cancel. Swipe the trip from the right to the left side of the screen and a little red “cancel” button will appear! You will not be charged so long as you cancel over an hour before the scheduled trip.

For instant bookings, the cancel button is in the lower right corner of the screen. Once you touch it, you will be asked if you are sure you want to cancel the ride. If the answer is yes, slide the green arrow to the right. You will not be charged as long as you cancel before the 5 minute mark of booking the trip!
The same rules also apply for Shebah Drops trips - both instant and advanced Drops.

Can I take a traveller?

As a policy, we do not allow open bottles of alcohol in Shebah vehicles.

In fact, it’s illegal in SA, QLD, WA, ACT, TAS and in some areas in NT.
What to do? Finish your drink, and then get in your Shebah. She’s got you.

How can I contact my driver?

You can contact your driver in two ways – call or text! Given our drivers are on the road, if you need to contact them in a hurry, give ‘em a quick call.

If you’ve made an Advance Booking, you can get in touch with your driver through the app by heading to your ‘Upcoming trips’ in your profile, touching the little phone icon, and choosing to call or text.

If you’ve made an instant booking, you can contact your driver directly by touching the text or phone icon at the bottom of the screen.

Why do I have multiple receipts?

Great question! We know it might seem excessive, but we’re all about making sure you can see everything we’re touching of your finances.

Once you complete a ride, you may receive two transaction receipts, as well as your tax invoice.

The two transaction receipts are for when the cost of your ride is a little more than the estimated fare, so one receipt will be the estimated amount the second receipt will have the additional amount. Together they equal the total cost of your trip – and this total will show in your tax invoice.
You may also have an additional receipt sent to you if you chose to tip your driver at the end of your trip. This is because the tip transaction is separate from the transaction cost of your ride with Shebah. If you do choose to tip your driver though, thank you very much - it is greatly appreciated. However, tipping your driver is completely optional.

Do I need to book a child seat?

If your child is under eight years old, yes – absolutely! Although it’s not a legal requirement in all states and territories, if you’re riding with Shebah, you need to book that booster.

We have baby seats or boosters available to book through the app, prior to scheduling your trip. Within the app, you can specify whether you would like a rear facing, forward facing or booster seat and how many of each that you need.

How do I book a ride for my child/ren?

Our drivers must receive instructions from parent or legal guardian to drive the little ones.

The account holder (an adult) can make the booking on behalf of their child and be available and in contact with the driver.

If your child has a smart phone, you can share your account with them by downloading the app on their phone and using your login.

In both these scenarios, you can watch on your app as the ride takes place.

You can also make Advance Bookings of course, and choose your preferred driver! And the rule still stands:
The driver can only take instructions from a parent or guardian, and they must have direct access to the account holder. Drivers receive an email and text message when they are about to do a trip with an unaccompanied minor which gives them links to direct contacts with the guardian of the minor taking the trip. This is particularly important for cases of emergency but are just as useful to allow drivers to let guardians know when a child has been picked up or dropped off and is safe and sound.

Who can ride in a Shebah?

Shebah drives women and children, and those who live their lives as women. We will drive adult male passengers so long as they are accompanying a child in a child seat. The below covers the three scenarios in which boys and men can use our service: 1. Boys under 18 can travel unaccompanied in the following contexts – Primary aged boys up to the age of 12 can travel any time – Boys 13 and over, but under 18, can travel unaccompanied until to 5pm.* 2. Boys under 18 can travel any time if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian. 3. A man can travel with a baby in need of a baby seat, or child in need of a booster seat (4–8 years old). In addition, Shebah respectfully requires adult male passengers who accompany adult females to ride in the backseat. Our women passengers ride shotgun. *Boys under 18 can travel after 5pm with a preferred driver through the preferred driver feature in the app.

How much does a Shebah trip cost?

Get a Fare Estimate: To get a fare estimate, simply download the Shebah app, enter in your pickup and drop off details, click ‘Set pickup location,’ and a fare estimate will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen! Our Rates: Shebah’s rates vary based on the state you take your trip in, but the minimum fare, cancellation fee and baby seat charge are the same across Australia. We include GST in our fares, and 85% of every fare goes straight to your driver. The following prices are correct as of 08/01/20. There is a $2 booking fee for advance bookings. See ‘Can I book a Shebah trip in advance?’ for more information. A $0.66 transaction fee is applied to every Shebah trip. The passenger fare is calculated as: base rate + (cost per minute × time in ride) + (cost per km × ride distance) + transaction fee ($0.66) + state levy (if applicable) + GST. In Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, the base rate is $3.30 in off peak times, $3.63 in peak times, and $3.96 in premium peak times. In NSW and the A.C.T, the base rate is $4.13 in off peak times, $4.54 in peak times, and $4.95 in premium peak times. Booking a trip with a child seat or booster seat will incur an additional fee of $11 per child seat/booster seat. Booking a trip with an XL (extra large) vehicle will incur a fee 1.5 times the amount of a regular size vehicle (excluding additional costs such as tolls, levies, preferred driver costs, advanced booking costs or the cost of child seats.) Your fare will include tolls if the trip goes through a toll road. If you wish to take a route that avoids tolls, please let your driver know. Peak periods are: 5am – 9am 7 days, 4pm – 7pm Monday-Friday, Friday 10pm – midnight, Saturday 6pm – midnight. Premium peak period: midnight – 5am Monday-Sunday. There is a minimum fare of $11.66, which will be applied if you cancel a trip. Shebah Drops trips are a flat rate fee of the minimum fare $11.66, within a 10km radius. Drops trips at a further distance will increase as the distance per km increases. At the end of your trip, you also have the option of tipping your driver if you believe you experienced exceptional service with Shebah. Our tipping options are $3, $5 or $10 and there is an additional $0.66 transaction fee on top of your tip amount. You will receive a separate receipt for tipping your driver as this is a separate transaction. Thank you for the extra love for your driver - they really appreciate it! Advance Booking Cancellation Fee: If you cancel your ride within an hour of your scheduled departure time, you will be charged $17.16, and the $2 booking fee. Meaning the total comes to $19.16. Because we strive to be fair, we also charge drivers a cancellation fee for missing a scheduled trip that they’ve organised with you. And to finish off with a driving metaphor, it’s a two way street here at Shebah!

Do cancellation fees apply?

A cancellation fee of $11.66 applies if you cancel after 5 minutes of booking an instant trip. A cancellation fee of $19.16 applies if you cancel within 1 hour of an advance booking. This is to cover the driver’s time and petrol spent heading to you.

Does Shebah charge a cleaning fee if a rider gets sick in the car?

Yes! Pulling over is free, so if you are going to be sick in a Shebah, ask your driver to pull over instead! She will be happy to do so.

If a rider vomits in a Shebah, they will be shown receipts and charged for the cost of cleaning the car. If you hit every panel, you will be charged for every panel! So to avoid this, make sure you ask your driver to pull over.

Can I request extra car seats and room for luggage?

Yes! From within the app you can select which type of car seat you need and how many of each you will need. You can also request an XL (extra large) vehicle if you need extra seats for more people or need room for luggage.

Can I take pets?

As our drivers are private contract workers, we respect their right to maintain their cars or avoid allergic reactions etc... However, most drivers are more than happy to transport your pets. At your time of booking, just select ‘Customise My Ride’ and then hit the ‘Pets’ button under the trip extras section and we can find a pet lover to transport your furry friend. Baskets or blankets are appreciated to maintain the cleanliness of your driver's car.

I haven't taken a trip, so why did Shebah deduct $2 from my account?

Before you book your first trip you’ll be asked to add a Visa or MasterCard to your account. The App may put a temporary hold for $2 through to your account when you enter them, but don’t worry! This is only to check that your card is valid. The $2 is immediately refunded to you, and at no time is it held by Shebah.

How can I book my preferred driver?

Shebah has a world-first feature in the rider app! You can book your preferred driver when you schedule a booking in advance. You can only select from drivers with which you have already taken a ride, and there is an additional cost of $1 if your preferred driver accepts the trip. You are also able to select your Preferred Driver for the Shebah Drops feature. Just make sure the ‘drop’ button is highlighted in green instead of the ‘ride’ button.

How do I book a Drop with Shebah?

The Shebah app also has an option to drop items straight to your front door. This can be anything from flowers for your table, your favourite thai meal or supplies from the chemist!

All you have to do for drops is follow the below easy steps:
1. Call your local store and place your order (this can also be done online if the store you are ordering from has online ordering).
2. Pay for your order via credit card over the phone or online.
3. Open the Shebah app and add the store as the pick up location and your house as the drop off location.
4. Ensure the ‘drops’ button is highlighted in green instead of the ‘ride’ button
5. Type in your pick up details into the box provided for the driver.
6. Get the driver to drop your delivery now or later.

There is an $11.66 base fee for all Shebah Drops trips. This is to ensure that our driver community is still able to be fairly paid for their work.

What is included in the Customise My Ride section?

Within the Shebah app there is a Customise My Ride section that allows riders to alter their trip to suit their needs. Customise My Ride allows riders to do the following:

- Book multiple child seats.
- Select which child seat they would like out of forward facing, rear facing and booster seats.
- Select an XL (extra large) vehicle with more seats per vehicle.
- Book a ride for an unaccompanied minor (letting the driver know any particular requirements if necessary).
- Alert drivers if a pet is travelling with you
- Alert drivers if you are a rider with a disability and need assistance.

Why do I have two separate charges for a single trip?

When you book a Shebah, the App puts a hold on the estimated fare cost. If the trip ends up being less expensive than the estimate, you will not be charged that original held amount - only what the trip actually cost. If the trip ends up costing more than the estimate, Shebah will charge you the amount that was initially held, and charge the additional amount above the estimate. As a result, it will appear as if two charges were made for one trip; however, add them together and they'll equal your total actual trip cost.

Can I pay my Shebah driver with cash?

No. It’s a legal requirement that rideshare drivers only take payment for trips through software (the app) – so no card or cash exchanges. If a fare payment is not processed through the app the trip is uninsured.

Is Shebah affiliated with NDIS?

Shebah is not associated with NDIS. However Shebah can be chosen as your preferred rideshare service provider, which means you may be able to claim a refund or partial refund according to your policy.

Can I split my Shebah fare?

Yes! You can split a fare with other Shebah riders. All riders must have the app and an active account. The fare can be split between a maximum of 4 Shebah accounts including the account on which the original booking was made. The fare will be split evenly between the riders, there is no option to partially split a fare.


What do I need to know about driving vulnerable passengers?

We consider vulnerable passengers to be anyone who might require a bit of extra time to transport. Kids traveling in car seats with or without an adult, older frail passengers or people who are either temporarily inhibited by an accident or illness or someone who is using some form of an aid such as a wheelchair or walking stick or assistance dog. The following 4 pointers are common sense but worth spelling out to reassure drivers and passengers in those “What if…?” moments. Place passengers on the left hand side of the car and let them out onto the footpath. If there’s shade that’s even better. Always ask passengers what form of physical help from you they require if any. People know where and how they like their bodies to be moved. If kids are travelling with their mum or guardian feel free to offer them a treat but if they’re on their own please don’t. We don’t know what allergies children might have or food preferences parents prefer. If at any time you are seriously concerned about a passenger, if someone becomes very faint or confused, call triple zero and ask for an ambulance. If someone who is meant to be meeting an unaccompanied child fails to arrive call the parent/guardian contact number. It’s a condition of riding with us that parents and guardians are contactable by phone while their unaccompanied kids are in transit. Wait for five minutes then try again. If there is still no response remain calm and quietly call triple zero and ask for the police. End the trip once the children are safely with the police. Make a note on the app and call the office for debriefing. You can contact the office to discuss things that concern you regarding the well being of children at any time. It’s unlikely you will encounter all of these scenarios, but if you do it’s good to have a plan. P.S. Remember not to pat assistance dogs without permission from their owner – as cute as they may be.

Can I take trips if the rider doesn't have the app?

Nope. It’s a legal requirement that rideshare drivers only take payment for trips through software (the app) – so no card or cash exchanges.

It’s super quick for riders to download the app and enter their details. They can access the app through the App Store (iOS) or through Google Play (Android).

Do new cars need a roadworthy certificate?

If your car is 12months or older, yep, you’ll need a roadworthy certificate/vehicle inspection/safety check AND you’ll need to renew this annually.
Shebah also accepts redbook inspections.

Do we accept rental car insurance?

Yes! What we need to see is the vehicle registration, your name and if possible and expiry date. If you have an ongoing rental agreement (where you pay monthly for the rental) set your expiry to the same expiry date of your car registration.

It is your responsibility as a rideshare driver to ensure your documentation is up to date at all times, that you are fully insured for rideshare, and you demonstrate that to us here at Shebah.

What if a man or a couple tries to get in the car?

Our policy is to refuse the trip. The passengers will need to cancel the trip, and they will be charged a cancellation fee.
An adult male can ride in a Shebah so long as he is accompanying a child in need of a child seat.
If you feel you are uncomfortable or in danger, you can report the incident to HQ via +61 03 8640 9954 or [email protected] We would also recommend contacting 000 in case of an emergency.

Is there a minimum trip requirement?

Although we do expect that you will drive a minimum of 7 trips per week, we don’t require it. So, ultimately, it’s completely up to you!

How much will I earn driving with Shebah?

You keep 85% of your fares, and enjoy higher rates than other rideshares. You earn more during peak times, and fares are inclusive of GST and tolls!

Drivers also receive 100% of the tips they receive from passengers, excluding the additional $0.66 transaction fee riders pay on top of their tip. There is also an additional charge on tips taken by Stripe - our third party payment company. Stripe fees are 1.38% plus GST of the amount. Therefore on a $3 tip the driver will receive $2.96. On a $5 tip the driver will receive $4.93 and on a $10 tip the driver will receive $9.85. This stripe charge goes direct to stripe and has nothing to do with Shebah. Riders have the option of tipping $3, $5 or $10 to drivers at the end of the trip. So drive to impress ladies!

A major pillar of Shebah is financial independence for all women. At Shebah, we’re a community that drives women forward and provides an ‘above-and-beyond’ rideshare experience. We will make sure you’re compensated if necessary.

What will I need to become a Shebah driver?

You will find detailed information and state-based breakdowns of what you’ll need on our Drive page.

Do I have to carry a baby seat or booster seat?

If you want to pick up a child under the age of 8, you must carry a child car restraint for kids aged 4–8 years. If a child’s eyes are level with the headrest, they can safely wear a sash belt. If not, that kid needs a booster.

These are completely portable and can be stored in your boot. You don’t get a fee when it’s not requested but you feel good being safe.

To pick up a child aged 0–4, you’ll need to provide a baby seat. From birth to 6 months, the baby seat needs to be rear facing, and from then to age 4 it’s upright – both are bolted. You’ll be paid an extra $9.35 per seat when a passenger requires specialised child seating.

Choice has a great summary of current laws.

Can I drive for Shebah and another rideshare service?

Yes, you are an independent contractor when you drive for Shebah and you are allowed to drive for any other rideshare service you like.

Are there particular things to know about driving unaccompanied children?

You bet. Kids are very vulnerable and their protection and safety is paramount. We will provide you with great sensible advice from the obvious (don’t offer them food due to allergies) to the more complex situations where you are concerned about a child’s wellbeing.

If someone who is meant to be meeting an unaccompanied child fails to arrive call the parent/guardian contact number. It’s a condition of riding with us that parents and guardians are contactable by phone while their unaccompanied kids are in transit. Wait for five minutes then try again. If there is still no response remain calm and quietly call triple zero and ask for the police. End the trip once the children are safely with the police. Make a note on the app and call the office for debriefing. You can contact the office to discuss things that concern you regarding the well being of children at any time.

How much does it cost to become a Shebah driver?

Indicative costs (excluding insurance) as of August 2019 are as follows: Australian Capital Territory - $300 New South Wales - $240 Northern Territory - $530 Queensland - $430 South Australia - $210 Tasmania - $250 Victoria - $420 Western Australia - $470 *Please note these amounts are subject to change

Can I accept cash payments?

No. It’s a legal requirement that rideshare drivers only take payment for trips through software (the app) – so no card or cash exchanges. If a fare payment is not processed through the app the trip is uninsured.


Is Shebah Owned by Uber?

No, Shebah is a privately owned Australian company founded by George McEncroe.

Is Shebah trans friendly?

Yes, Shebah is unapologetically driven for women by women! That means all women are welcome.

Do you have a discrimination policy?

Shebah does not tolerate discrimination of any kind! We are intersectionally feminist, and we exist to shield all women from discrimination and provide comfort and reassurance. Our drivers are held to this standard through a mandate that they receive upon signing up with Shebah. Passengers are also held to this standard, and may not discriminate against drivers under any circumstances.

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