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Shebah celebrates International Women's Day 2020

This coming March 8th, Shebah will celebrate its 3rd birthday. It’s also International Women’s Day 2020. Like many Australian businesses, Shebah has a lot to celebrate in terms of the women in our community - all of whom collectively have a mountain of achievements and have created healthier, wealthier lives for themselves and others around them.  


As this year's theme ‘Each for Equal’ is about us not only recognising the achievements of these women and Shebah’s very own progress towards a more equal world. It's also about shining a light on the impact that the Shebah community is having on the world around us. You see, we believe the collective power of Shebah’s community of women drivers and riders manifests itself in many ways including positive social impact, community engagement, integration and soon-to-be environmental. 


Shebah is a real world demonstration of a community that is forging its way towards EachforEqual and the reality of the benefits of our impact is clear. 


Let's hear more about why these women do what they do and let’s talk about how we can continue to build on our impact in new ways.





 “I enjoy being able to build and mentor other women wanting to make a difference in their lives financially & personally.”


"I feel extremely respected and valued as both a woman and an employee."


“Women are each other's best friends and when we work together we bring amazing changes to this world.”


“Together, we’ve been able to do so much more than just transporting women safely than I could have ever imagined.”


“This is a movement for women that has never happened before in Australia.”


“Shebah has allowed me to earn an income without compromise. You could say it gives me a sort of social life as well.”


“I am rewarded every single week. From drive success stories to meeting fascinating women with magic tales of life.”


“The women in the Shebah community have helped me come out of my shell - I love catching up with them all.”


"I love how I feel being a part of the Shebah community - it is really aspiring to be a part of."


“As a modern day female I am all about independence and I feel proud working for a company that helps give this to women.”


"Our future is environmentally focused, with Shebah providing safe and carbon effective solutions for female transport."


“I am so very fortunate to meet and interact with some of THE most amazing women, and all have different life experiences.”


“I feel extremely privileged to be part of the movement that is Shebah.”


“I love being a listening ear or a support network for the young or mature.”


“Having the freedom to go wherever, whenever is incredibly empowering, Shebah drivers are helping women take that freedom for granted, that’s brilliant.”


Regional Leader SA

Ladies, meet Peta. 


Peta is the warm, smiling face of our Regional Leader for South Australia. She is full of energy with an infectious personality that only makes you want to smile with her. Peta has been driving for Shebah for over a year now, starting in Cairns and then relocating to “awesome Adelaide,” as she calls it.


Peta loves being part of the Shebah community as she feels supported and uplifted by other women, “[I enjoy] being able to build, train and mentor other women who want to make a difference in their lives financially and personally, it’s a great driving factor.” She believes in Shebah as a solution for the safety of women and children. 


One of the many reasons Peta is “excited and proud to be a part of Shebah” is because of her trips with a particular passenger, a young woman who Peta drives to work and meetings, where she grows her own experiences and life skills. This is particularly rewarding work for Peta because whilst she is helping this young passenger, she is also giving the mother peace of mind that her daughter is where she needs to be.


We asked Peta to describe Shebah in one word - she said “lifesaving - for me and for my passengers.”


Ladies, help us celebrate Peta for International Women’s Day 2020.

#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah



Chief Technology Officer

Ladies, meet Kruti. 


Kruti is Shebah's very own Chief Technology Officer. She has been heading up the technology team in HQ for 8 months now and is taking the Shebah app to new and exciting places. She finds working for Shebah to be very rewarding and says that “being part of such a crucial business that is supporting and empowering women,” it’s why she’s so happy to get up and come to work everyday. 


“Making decisions, analysing the impact of my decisions straight away and seeing it improve women’s lives makes me feel satisfied and proud of myself. Women are each other’s best friends and when we work together we bring amazing changes to this world regarding women empowerment and support.” 


“It's a shame that in 2020, women are still not safe in their homes, let alone on the roads. Working on a product which not only provides safety to women but also empowers them to work makes me so fulfilled.”


One particular Shebah experience Kruti remembers fondly is the testimonial we received from a lady who was a Defence Force veteren. She had been struggling with anxiety after exiting the force and only felt safe around women. Shebah enabled her to travel around freely and she shared the relief our service gave her, which Kruti found particularly inspiring - “we were so proud as a team.” 


One word Kruti uses to describe Shebah…. Queen. 


#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah




Ladies, meet Georgina (but we call her George). 


George is the incredible head at the top of our organisation that is the driving force of inspiration and passion that pushes Shebah to bigger and better things. As a mother of four, George found herself one day driving down Punt Road in Melbourne, thinking about how her daughter was going to get home safely from a party that night. 


That’s when she thought of it… Shebah… and the company we are celebrating today was born. 


A big part of safety for George is the safety of our future, particularly the environment and how Shebah can do it’s part for Global Warming and the reduction of carbon emissions. 


“I always believed in the power of the women in our community to do great things making themselves more confident and wealthier as a result of our platform. Together we’ve been able to do so much more than I could have ever imagined. And this impact will only grow as we grow, ensuring that we do everything we can to leave our children a better world.”


#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah #CarbonOffset



Shebah Driver

Ladies, meet Melody.


Melody is a Shebah driver in New South Wales and her story is one of remarkable strength and determination. In 2012 Melody was diagnosed with Red Skin Syndrome, an iatrogenic condition induced by the over-prescription and over-usage of steroids for the treatment of eczema. Despite the many recommendations to continue with the medication, Melody knew her body was addicted to the drug and decided to wean herself off the medication.


However, this was no easy process. Removing the steroids from her body meant Melody was housebound and disabled for two and a half years and could barely do anything other than scratch the bone-deep itch she felt all over her body. 


In 2015 Melody was able to resume school and managed to finish her Master’s Degree, an incredible achievement in condition, and, by focusing on the positives, she found slow improvement in her condition and went on to have her first child in 2017. 


However, January 2018 saw more unfortunate circumstances for Melody - she became diagnosed with keratoconjunctivitis and was blind for two months. Wanting to see her daughter growing up Melody had to take some steroids to fix her eyes and with that her Red Skin Syndrome side effects came back in full effect. This, as well as being a new mother, made it difficult for Melody to keep her job. 


Then she found Shebah. 


“Shebah has allowed me to earn an income without compromising my priorities. You could say it gives me a sort of social life as well. Shebah riders see my vehicle and my car seats before they pay attention to my appearance. They value the service I provide.” 


Nowadays, Melody is pregnant with her second child and is still helping mums, kids and teenagers get from A to B safely. She says “Shebah is not just driving. It’s a real service to our families and the ladies in our community. I love Shebah.” 


#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah



Regional Leader WA

Ladies, meet Kylie. 


Kylie is our amazing Regional Leader for Western Australia. Her passion for Shebah and the western coast is inspiring. Kylie started her journey with Shebah in 2018 after a particularly persistent Shebah driver prompted her to sign up for 3 months. 


Fast forward to today and Kylie has tackled her role as Regional Leader head on, wanting nothing but success for Shebah in Perth. “I am rewarded every single week by something awesome with Shebah… success stories from driver, feedback from passengers, when a shy driver takes that first and second ride and finds their rhythm, when we help a new passenger  who has felt nervous about using other forms of transport, and meeting fascinating women with magic (and tragic) tales of life.” 


“We are a beautiful community of women who all have different things to offer and ways to support each other, and really what's not to love about that?”


One of Kylie’s favourite regular passengers was a female cricket player whose Dad was not so happy about her playing cricket, especially because the training and games would often go late into the night. Shebah meant that she could prove to her family that she could play a sport that wasn’t particularly encouraged but still get home without asking her family for assistance, a quiet rebellion from a very determined young lady. 


Kylie’s one word to describe Shebah is… Trailblazer as “we are the trailblazers of women’s safety in rideshare. 

#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah



Marketing Assistant

Ladies, meet Juliette. 


She is the incredible Marketing Assistant for Shebah who’s work ethic is so valuable to the team.


Over the year she has been working with Shebah, she has been excited to watch the company flourish into an Australia-wide rideshare which not only transports women, children and the vulnerable safely, but also empowers and unites a community of passionate and driven women. 


“The organic growth and awareness of Shebah is a true testament to our incredible community of drivers who will always go above and beyond for our riders. I believe Shebah bridges the gap for women between safety and social freedom. Shebah enables a world where women can live their lives stress free without having to make social compromises and sacrifices due to transportation barriers of travelling alone.”


Everyday, Shebah is touched with poignant stories of how Shebah has been the life savior for parents, drivers and women all over Australia. “It truly goes to show that Shebah is more than just a rideshare company, we are a community of passionate people wanting to make a real impact on empowering Australian women to live their lives.” 


One word Juliette uses to describe Shebah…. REAL.


#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah



Campaign Manager

Ladies, meet Gabriella. 


Gabriella is the Campaign Manager of Shebah Rideshare and she loves being part of an environment that uplifts women and communities all over Australia. She is a fresh face to the Shebah Rideshare team, working in the marketing team for just over 6 months. 


Being part of the Shebah community is important to her as she is inspired by the sense of community within the ethos of Shebah as a brand - “Shebah riders and drivers are so intertwined by passion for the uplifting of women, it is heartening to come to work every day and contribute to that legacy.” 


Gabriella is particularly impressed by the financial opportunities Shebah offers to it’s drivers; “offering 85% of the fare is an incredible opportunity for drivers and it is always so amazing to hear the stories of women who find financial independence by driving with Shebah.” 


Gabriella was particularly touched by the story of a woman, in need of expensive medications for treatment, feeling less guilty for buying the medications she needed because she was now in a stronger financial position due to driving for Shebah. “As a modern day female I am all about independence and I feel proud working for a company that helps give this to women.” 


We asked Gabriella for one word she would use to describe Shebah - she said aspirational. 


#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah



Office Manager

Ladies, meet Melanie (but we call her ‘Mama Mel’). 


Mel is the Office Manager for Shebah and an amazing mum of 2. Mel keeps everyone in line with her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for Shebah. She has been working with Shebah for over 7 months now. Mel absolutely loves her job, not just because she gets to organise all the comings and goings of Shebah but because she feels “extremely privileged to be part of the movement that is Shebah.” 


“I feel extremely privileged that we offer a safe space for women passengers, children, drivers and pets and dads too.” 


Mel believes Shebah is providing a safer solution for women and she says she goes home every night knowing that Shebah has helped the community and made someone’s day safer. “I have often felt unsafe as an independent woman getting around and discovered Shebah as a passenger 2 years ago. I never want a woman or child to feel unsafe in their mode of transport and I am so proud that Shebah offers a safe and efficient service to our passengers.”


We asked Mel to describe Shebah in one word - she said “inspiring”.


Ladies, help us celebrate Mel for International Women’s Day 2020. 

#EachForEqual #HappyBirthdayShebah


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