Shebah Community Protection Policy


In the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, Shebah is taking a number of precautionary measures to prevent further spread of the virus and to ensure our passengers and drivers feel safe travelling with the Shebah service. During this time, Shebah will continue to operate safe transportation services for women, children and families. As always, the safety and welfare of everyone in our community, both passengers and drivers is our priority. 


As such, our drivers are committed to continuing the service but we are all exercising precautions as advised by the Australian Government Health Department and World Health Organisation (WHO) to minimise the spread of Coronavirus in Australia.  


All Shebah drivers must now follow and confirm a Daily Vehicle Cleaning Checklist, which will appear within the driver app. This will ensure a clean and safe service and compliance with the Government’s Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles.  If a driver does not confirm, they will be unable to operate the driver app. 


The Australian Government has announced a mandatory 14 day quarantine period for anyone arriving into Australia from overseas. Wherever possible, the Federal Department of Health has advised passengers arriving from overseas to use a personal mode of transport when travelling from the airport to their location for isolation in order to minimise exposure to others.


When travelling with Shebah, the Department of Health advise you to take the following precautions:


For all our Community - Riders and Drivers: 


All Shebah drivers will now be subject to Shebah’s Daily Vehicle Cleaning Checklist to comply with the Governments Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles. Driver’s will be unable to operate, unless they confirm they have completed the daily cleaning procedure.

  • Riders will be required to sit in the back seat to increase physical distancing. 

  • While travelling, drivers and riders are required to practice good hygiene by washing hands properly and frequently and by coughing/sneezing into disposable tissues or your elbow instead of into your hands. 

  • Riders and drivers are encouraged to avoid contact with others if unwell.

  • Passengers are also encouraged to avoid shaking hands with people and allow an appropriate distance between themselves and anyone with flu-like symptoms. 

  • Passengers who experience flu-like symptoms or feel unwell are also encouraged to contact their medical practitioner for advice.

  • Passengers flying from an overseas trip and using a Shebah should wear a surgical mask, if available. 


Riders who are ‘exposed’, returning from travel or displaying COVID-19 symptoms:

Wherever possible; unwell, ‘exposed’ riders or those returning from international travel, should use a personal mode of transport to minimise exposure to others. If a passenger does require a commercial passenger vehicle to travel to a location of isolation, they must adhere to the following whilst travelling in a Shebah:

  • Sit in the back seat of the vehicle

  • Wash hands or apply hand sanitiser before entering the vehicle

  • Open windows, where possible

  • Wear a surgical mask, if available

  • We ask riders to manage their own luggage into/out of vehicles

If a driver believes a passenger has not taken the above precautions, they may refuse or terminate the trip. 


The Queensland Health Department has advised that the two person limit on gatherings has now been extended to personalised transport, this includes rideshare services. 


According to the Queensland government, vehicles should only be occupied by the driver and people from one household. 


That means: 

  • the driver and one other passenger, or

  • the driver and a group of other passengers from the same household. 

Though this is only an official rule in Queensland, in order to get ahead and ensure all our drivers and passengers remain safe during this time, our CEO has asked that all drivers and riders across Australia follow this restriction. As always, we encourage you to stay at a distance of 1.5m away from passengers at all times.

Drivers are encouraged to: 

  • Ensure that vehicles are cleaned thoroughly and regularly to prevent passengers from spreading the virus from droplets (such as sneezing, coughing or vomiting). Make sure to clean surfaces, with appropriate alcohol based disinfectant wipes so that the potential spread of infection can be minimised. Drivers are reminded to clean handles specifically and other frequently touched area. 

  • Vehicle air-conditioning should be set to fresh air, as opposed to recycled air.

  • Carry hand sanitiser to offer riders, if available.

  • Open vehicle windows, where possible.

  • Drivers to follow the cleaning procedures and products set by the  Governments Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles. 

  • Drivers are required to inform Shebah HQ in the event that they become a community risk due to COVID-19.


In addition to our usual safety measures, drivers are asked to make the following precautions outside of their vehicle: 

  • Regularly and thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds

  • Stay at least 3 feet away from someone who is coughing or sneezing 

  • Avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth

  • Flush toilet with lid closed

  • Stay home if they don’t feel well

  • Avoid touching your face without clean hands


In the event that a Shebah driver is diagnosed with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that driver is required to take the following actions: 

  1. Stop driving passengers IMMEDIATELY 

  2. Contact their doctor for next steps to take regarding their person health 

  3. Contact Shebah HQ to alert them of their diagnosis 


This driver will then be suspended from the Shebah platform for a quarantine period of 14 days or until they are cleared by their medical practitioner as well again. 


The suspension will remain in place until either of the above events are proved and will stop drivers from being able to use the Shebah app at this time. Once the driver is proved well in health, the suspension on their driving account will be lifted and they will be able to continue to drive. 


Upon identifying the driver diagnosed, Shebah HQ will contact any potential passengers that may have been exposed to the virus if necessary, based on the guidelines outlined by the Australian Department of Health. 


We are working with the Australian Government Department of Health and the relevant transport authorities in each state and territory to keep our community of riders and drivers up to date with the latest advice and to respond rapidly as the situation changes.


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