Behind her wheel

Behind Her

The untold stories of Shebah drivers
behind the wheel.


What happens behind the wheel stays behind the wheel? 

Welcome to ‘Behind Her Wheel’. Where we will uncover the good, humorous and ugly truths that are often untold from the eyes and ears behind the wheel of Shebah!

One of Shebah’s OG Melbourne drivers, (and coffee connoisseur), Jennie is launching ‘Behind Her Wheel’. 


Q: What drove you to Shebah?

A: “Shebah seemed like the perfect way to pay off my new car, and help kickstart my dream of opening a coffee business, whilst driving women and families home safely". She welcomes all coffee questions to future riders! 

Q: Do you remember your first experience with Shebah? 

A: "It was a trip filled with adrenaline and nerves. I remember making all of these conscious decisions of whether I have music on or off? If I have the music on will the passengers in the back hear me… What was an acceptable volume for the radio? And  how much should I talk and what to talk about?" Jennie has since completed over 1000 trips with Shebah and recommends "volume level 7" to
other drivers. 


Q: What is your most memorable experience behind the wheel? 

A: "I once drove a pregnant woman from Alice Springs who was in her second trimester and visiting friends in Melbourne. She had just chosen a sperm donor and taken the path to have a baby on her own and kindly discussed the whole process with me. About a year later I drove her again but this time with her son! We talked about how it had all worked out (it was hard work but she loved it!)."


Q: What does Shebah represent for you? 

A: "Shebah represents a helping hand without requiring an explanation, qualification or justification. We do not need to know why you need us or whether you need us 'just this once…’ We are here to lend a helping hand to make your dreams a reality, even if that dream is as simple as getting you, your baby and husband to the Airport for your first flight. I often hear new mums ‘sighhh’ when we drive off. It’s a sign they know they are in trusting hands to get them to the next stage of their journey and (for the next little while) they can relax. In a world where women are expected to manage their workload, social lives and family, I see Shebah helping women to make it happen. 

That’s why I drive for Shebah every day!”

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, whose sovereignty was never ceded, and pay our respects to the Elders, past, present and emerging.